PowerEdge XE9680 Rack Server

PowerEdge XE9680 Rack Server

PowerEdge XE9680 Rack Server


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PowerEdge XE9680 Rack Server
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The Dell XE9680 6U server is Dell’s first 8x GPU platform. It is engineered to significantly enhance application performance by driving the most complex GenAI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (ML/DL) and High Performance Computing workloads (HPC). This server features up to 56-core 4th generation Intel Xeon processors and offers the highest GPU memory capacity and bandwidth currently available, making it capable of managing extremely large and complex models and datasets..


•  Innovate where you never thought possible
Deploy massive compute anywhere with the latest family of powerful, secure servers engineered to accelerate automation and innovation.

•  No-compromise accelerated AI
Rapidly develop, train and deploy large machine learning models with this high-performance application server designed for HPC super computing clusters and the largest data sets for AI, used for large scale natural language processing, recommendation engines and neural network applications​.

•  Powerful and flexible
Drive fastest-time-to-value and no-compromise AI acceleration with Intel CPUs NVIDIA GPUs and next generation technology for memory, storage and expansion to achieve the highest performance.
• Break through boundaries with two 4th generation Intel® Xeon® processors and eight NVIDIA H100 GPUs interconnected with NVLink
• Flexibility to choose 8x H100 700W 80GB SXM5 GPUs for extreme performance or 8x A100 500W 80GB SXM4 GPUs for a balance of performance and power
• Operate air-cooled (up to 35°C) with improved energy efficiency from Dell Smart Cooling technology.

•  Tailor your configuration with your choice of GPU modules
• Offering either eight NVIDIA H100 SXM5 700W GPUs fully interconnected with NVLink, or eight NVIDIA A100
SXM4 500W GPUs fully interconnected with NVLink, or eight AMD Instinct MI300X 750W OAM GPUs fully
interconnected with Infinity Fabric links.
• Improve generative AI training performance with GPU-GPU communication and up to 1.5TB* shared coherent
GPU memory integrated into these offers.


•  Sustainability
From recycled materials in our products and packaging, to thoughtful, innovative options for energy efficiency, the PowerEdge portfolio is designed to make, deliver, and recycle products to help reduce the carbon footprint and lower your operation costs. We even make it easy to retire legacy systems responsibly with Dell Technologies Services.

•  Accelerated I/O throughput
• Deploy latest generation technologies including DDR5, PCIe Gen 5.0, and NVMe SSDs to push the boundaries of
data flow and computing possibilities.
• Up to 10 front-facing PCIe Gen 5 slots and up to 16 drives enable optimal expansion for high-performance realtime AI operations.
• Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI and comprehensive Dell Services offerings take the guesswork of out
infrastructure and workflow integration

Tech Specs

Tech specs

Processor  Two 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 56 cores per processor

• 8 NVIDIA HGX H100 80GB 700W SXM5 GPUs, fully interconnected with NVIDIA NVLink technology or

• 8 NVIDIA HGX A100 80GB 500W SXM4 GPUs, fully interconnected with NVIDIA NVLink technology or

• 8 AMD Instinct MI300X 192GB 750W OAM accelerator with AMD Infinity Fabric connectivity

Storage controllers

• Internal boot: Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem (NVMe BOSS-N1): HWRAID 1, 2 x M.2 SSDs

• Software RAID: S160

Memory 32 DDR5 DIMM slots, supports RDIMM 4 TB max, speeds up to 4800 MT/s
Power Supplies 2800W Titanium 200-240 VAC or 240 VDC, hot swap redundant
Cooling OptionsA Air Cooling
Form Factor 6U Rack Server
Bezel Optional LCD bezel or security bezel

• Up to six high performance (HPR) gold grade fans installed in mid tray

• Up to ten high performance (HPR) gold grade fans installed on the rear of the system

• All are hot swap fans

Embedded Management

• iDRAC9

• iDRAC Direct

• iDRAC RESTful API with Redfish

• iDRAC Service Module

Ports Front ports
• 1 x iDRAC Direct (Micro-AB USB) port
• 1 x USB 2.0
• 1 x VGA
Dimensions Height — 263.2 mm (10.36 inches)
• Width — 482.0 mm (18.97 inches)
• Depth — 1008.77 mm (39.71 inches) with bezel
— 995 mm (39.17 inches) without bezel
• Weight —113.3 kg (249.78 pounds)