Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall

Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall

Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall

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The vSRX Virtual Firewall delivers a complete virtual firewall solution, including advanced security, robust networking, and automated virtual machine life cycle management capabilities for service providers and enterprises. vSRX empowers security professionals to deploy and scale firewall protection in highly dynamic environments.


Data centers increasingly rely on server virtualization to deliver services faster and more efficiently than ever before. The virtualized data center, however, introduces new challenges that require additional security considerations beyond those needed to secure physical assets.


Virtual machines (VM) can be highly dynamic and elastic in a virtualized data center, with frequent additions, moves, and changes. These frequent changes complicate the ability to attach security policies to a VM instantiation and track security policies with VM movement to ensure continued regulatory compliance. In short, the dynamic and flexible nature of virtualization can easily lead to a loss of visibility and control.


Network and security professionals must perform a delicate balancing act, delivering the benefits of virtualization and cloud technologies without undermining the organization's security. This challenge can only be met by a security solution that can keep pace with evolving threats while matching the agility and scalability of virtualized and cloud environments—without sacrificing reliability, visibility, and control.


Juniper addresses these challenges head-on by extending the capabilities of the award-winning Juniper Networks® SRX Series Firewalls to the virtual world with the vSRX Virtual Firewall. Juniper makes security easy by securing the cloud at every level: between applications, between instances, and across environments.


Powered by Juniper Networks Junos® operating system, the vSRX delivers a complete and integrated virtual security solution, including L4-L7 advanced security services, robust networking, and automated life cycle management capabilities for service providers and enterprises alike.


The vSRX’s automated provisioning capabilities allow network and security administrators to quickly and efficiently provision and scale firewall protection to meet the dynamic needs of virtualized and cloud environments. By combining the vSRX with the power of Junos Space® Security Director, administrators can significantly improve policy configuration, management, and visibility into both physical and virtual assets from a standard, centralized platform.


For service providers and organizations deploying service-oriented applications in software, the vSRX’s portfolio of virtualized network and security services supports a variety of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) use cases. The vSRX also supports Juniper Networks Contrail, OpenContrail, and other third-party solutions, and can be integrated with other next-generation cloud orchestration tools such as OpenStack, either directly or through rich APIs.

Tech Specs


Protocols- IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, ISO Connectionless Network Service (CLNS)
- Static routes
- RIPv2 +v1
- Multicast (Internet Group Management Protocol, PIM, Session Description Protocol)

IP Address Management

IP Address Management- Static
- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
- Internal DHCP server, DHCP relay
- Address Translation
- Source NAT with Port Address Translation (PAT)
- Static NAT
- Destination NAT with PAT 
- Persistent NAT, NAT64
- Encapsulations
- Ethernet
- 802.1Q VLAN support


Security- Firewall
- Zones, Screens, Policies
- Stateful firewall - Stateless filters
- Network attack detection
- Screens denial of service (DoS) and distributed DoS (DDoS) protection (anomaly-based)
- Replay attack prevention - Anti-replay
- Unified access control (UAC)
- TCP reassembly for fragmented packet protection
- Brute force attack mitigation
- SYN cookie protection
- Zone-based IP spoofing
- Malformed packet protection
- Tunnels: Site-to-Site, Hub and Spoke, Dynamic Endpoint, AutoVPN, ADVPN, Group VPN (IPv4/IPv6/Dual Stack)
- Internet Key Exchange (IKE): IKEv1/IKEv2
- Configuration Payload
- IKE Authentication Algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-384
- IKE Encryption Algorithms: Prime, DES-CBC, 3DES-CBC, AES-CBC, AES-GCM, SuiteB
- Authentication: Pre-shared key and public key infrastructure (PKI X.509)
- IPsec (Internet Protocol Security): Authentication Header (AH)/Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) Protocol
- Perfect forward secrecy
- IPsec Authentication Algorithms: HMAC-MD5, HMAC-SHA-196, HMAC-SHA-256
- IPsec Encryption Algorithms: Prime, DES-CBC, 3DES-CBC, AES-CBC, AES-GCM, SuiteB
- Monitoring: Standard-based Dead peer detection (DPD), VPN monitoring
- Microsoft Azure dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM)
- IPv6

SLA , Measurement, and Monitoring

SLA, Measurement, and Monitoring- Real-time performance monitoring (RPM)
- Sessions, packets, and bandwidth usage
- IP monitoring
- Logging
- System logging
- Traceroute
- Extensive control and data plane structured and unstructured system log administration
- Junos Space Security Director support
- Juniper Networks Secure Analytics
- Juniper Networks Advanced Insight Solutions support
- External administrator database (RADIUS, LDAP, SecureID)
- Auto-configuration
- Configuration rollback
- Rescue configuration with a button
- Commit confirms for changes
- Auto-record for diagnostics
- Software upgrades
- J-Web


VMware ESXi- 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0
KVM/QEMU- Supported Versions Not Specified
Operating Systems (Guest VMs)- CentOS 7, 8
- Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, 18.04, 22.04.3 LTS
- RHEL 7.7, 9
- Oracle Linux 7.3
Hyper-V- 2012, 2012R2, 2016
Nutanix AHV- AOS: 5.15 LTS

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