PowerStore 1200T

PowerStore 1200T


PowerStore 1200T

MFG.PART: PowerStore-1200T

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The all-new PowerStore T model lineup simplifies modern IT with a flexible, highly-automated storage platform that evolves to meet your needs in an unpredictable world.

• End-to-end NVMe, active/active performance design.
• All models scale UP and OUT to 18PBe per cluster, with single-drive granularity.
• Built-in intelligence tunes efficiency and resiliency without manual intervention.
• Advanced cybersecurity: HWRoT, MFA, D@RE, ransomware protection and more.
• Manage multicloud and/or on-prem backup directly from PowerStore – set up in 90 seconds
• Ecosystem integrations streamline DevOps and VMware workflows – control PowerStore from your management platform of choice.
• Anytime Upgrade provides streamlined, cost-effective access to ongoing PowerStore innovation, so you’ll always know your workloads are running on the latest technology.

Enterprise storage made simple
The ground-breaking Dell PowerStore enterprise storage appliance helps you achieve new levels of operational agility with advanced storage technologies and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data. Accelerate block, file and vVols workloads with a single unified platform that scales both up and out, keeping pace with rapidly changing business requirements. Streamline DevOps with automated workflows and extensive support for containerized apps – and simplify your overall ecosystem with deep integrations that let you provision advanced PowerStore services from your management framework of choice.

PowerStore 1200T
PowerStore 1200T
PowerStore 1200T

PowerStore utilizes Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, plus a flexible all-NVMe design featuring dual-ported Intel® Optane™ SSDs and NVMe-over-fabric networking (both FC and TCP), to deliver end-to-end low latency performance for any workload. Always-on data reduction, intelligent automation, active resource balancing, predictive analytics and nondisruptive software and hardware upgrades keep your storage environment continuously optimized, up-to-date and easy to manage, even as your needs evolve over time.

Performance optimized

Designed to leverage next-gen innovations such as end-to-end NVMe (both FC and Ethernet) and dual-port Intel Optane solid state drives (SSDs) as Storage Class Memory (SCM), PowerStore delivers up to 7x more IOPs3 and 3x lower latency4 for real-world workloads compared to our previous storage generation, giving you all the headroom you need to ensure long-term value through multiple solution lifecycles.

Scale up and scale out

Expanding the capabilities of your initial PowerStore configuration is simple and extremely efficient, as capacity and performance may be scaled independently. Each active-active PowerStore appliance can grow to over 2.8 PB effective capacity, and multiple appliances can be clustered for greater performance.

Efficiency without compromise

Regardless of how you grow, PowerStore costs remain consistently low. Deduplication and compression are “always on,” and thanks to Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration, PowerStore systems provide a guaranteed average 4:1 data reduction6 without compromising performance.

Tech Specs

Appliance System Limits

Max Initiators 2,000
Max Block Volumes/Clones (FC/iSCSI) 3,000
Max Block Volumes/Clones (NVMe-oF) 3,000
Max Volumes per Volume Group 75
Max Volume Groups 125
Max Volume Size 256 TB
Max Snapshots (Block) 100,000
Max User File Systems* 2,000
Max NAS Servers* 50
Max File System Size* 256 TB
Max vVol Storage Containers 50
Max vVols 10,600

Connectivity Options

Mezzanine card / IO Module Two-Port 10 Gb/s Optical Module (Block)
IO Module Four-Port 32 Gb/s Fibre Channel Module (Block only)
IO Module Four-Port 25 Gb/s Optical Module (Block Only)

Disk Expansion Enclosure

Drive Types Supported SAS SSD
Controller Interface 12 Gb SAS

Supported Media

NVMe Optane SCM SSD 750 GB

Protocols and Facilities Supported

Access-based Enumeration (ABE) for SMB
Key Management Interoperability Protocol
(KMIP) compliant external key manager for
DFS Distributed File System (Microsoft) as
Standalone Root Server
NAS Servers Multi-protocol for UNIX and
SMB clients (Microsoft, Apple, Samba)
Access-based Enumeration (ABE) for SMB protocol Lock Manager (NLM) v1, v2, v3, and v4
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Management & Data Ports IPv4 or IPv6
Kerberos Authentication NFS v3/v4 Secure Support
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) NT LAN Manager (NTLM)
Fail Safe Networking (FSN) Network Status Monitor (NSM)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Network Time Protocol (NTP) Client


Management Software PowerStore Manager
CloudIQ: Cloud-based storage analytics
Thin Provisioning
Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE) – Single & Dual parity
Data Reduction: Zero Detect/Deduplication/Compression
Proactive Assist: Configure remote support, online chat, open a service request, etc.
Quality of Service (Block and vVols)
Local Protection SED Based Encryption with self-managed and external key management
Local Point-In-Time Copies (Snapshots and Thin Clones)
Immutable & Secure Snapshots
AppSync Basic
File Level Retention (FLR)
Dell Common Event Enabler; AntiVirus Agent (CEPA)
Remote Protection Native Asynchronous Block Replication
Native Asynchronous vVol Replication
Native Metro Volume Synchronous Block Replication
Native Asynchronous File Replication
Native PowerProtect DD integration - manage local or multicloud backups
directly from PowerStore
Optional Solutions AppSync Advanced
Connectrix SAN
Data Protection Suite: Backup, Archive and Collaboration Software
PowerPath Migration Enabler
PowerPath Multipathing
PowerStore metro node (block synchronous metro Active/Active, zero RPO/RTO)


AC Line Voltage 100- 240 VAC ± 10%, single phase, 47 to 63 Hz (500T)
240 VAC ± 10%, single phase, 47 to 63 Hz (1000-9000)
Power Factor 0.95 minimum at full load, @ 200 VAC
In-rush Current 45 Apk “cold” per line cord, at any line voltage
Startup Surge Current 120 Apk “hot” per line cord, at any line voltage
AC Protection 20 A fuse on each power supply, single line
Ride-through Time 10 ms min
Current Sharing ± 5 percent of full load, between power supplies


Weight kgs/lbs empty 35.80/79 full 41.7/92
Vertical size 2 NEMA units
Height cm/inches 8.72/3.43
Width cm/inches 44.72/17.61
Depth cm/inches 79.55/31.32

Cluster System Limits

Max. Appliances 4
Max. Front End Ports 96
Max. iSCSI sessions 2,048
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Solutions & Services

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