PowerMax 8500

PowerMax 8500

PowerMax 8500

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The PowerMax 8500 is the flagship of the PowerMax family combining the richest data services with ultimate scalability. It offers the highest levels of performance for the most demanding mission-critical workloads. Get the utmost in security with the world’s most secure mission-critical storage, designed for Zero Trust security environments.


The PowerMax 8500 delivers extreme performance at scale for massive consolidation of block, file, and mainframe storage to reduce complexity and drive down TCO. Customers can start small with two nodes and grow large to 16 nodes and up to 18PBe of total capacity. The 8500 is ideal for the most demanding mixed workloads that require always-on operations with the industry’s most advanced cyber resiliency including the PowerMax cyber vault solution.

Based on the powerful Dynamic Fabric architecture and Flexible RAID, PowerMax offers a powerful yet flexible design to independently grow nodes and storage capacity in increments of a single drive. The PowerMax 8500 utilize Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and today’s most advanced storage technologies including end-to-end NVMe, InfiniBand 100Gb/s, dual-ported NVMe flash drives, NVMe/TCP connectivity, and hardware-based data reduction. Each PowerMax model is designed for 6 nines of availability, ships with new intelligent PDUs that provide real time power consumption monitoring and alerting, and delivers continuously modern storage throughout its product lifecycle with Dell’s Future-Proof program.

Scale up and Scale out
PowerMax is built from modular storage components for compute and storage media. The compute modules are packaged as node pairs. Each node pair contains two PowerMax compute nodes, complete software and licensing, cache memory, redundant power, and connectivity modules. These are combined with 48-slot Dynamic Media Enclosures (DMEs) to configure NVMe flash drives. PowerMax arrays are delivered with the Inclusive Software package. NVMe drive capacity can be added to the system to scale up to a total effective capacity of 8 PBe on the PowerMax 2500 and up to 18 PBe on the PowerMax 8500.

PowerMax 8500
PowerMax 8500
PowerMax 8500

Any workload
PowerStore’s single architecture for block, file, and VMware vVols leverages the latest technologies to support an enterprise-class variety of traditional and modern workloads – from relational databases, to ERP and EMR apps, cloud native applications, and file-based workloads such as content repositories and home directories. DC, low-line power and NEBS-ready solutions are available. The ability to accommodate application, multi-protocol network and multi-format storage diversity (physical and virtual volumes, containers, traditional files) within a single 2U appliance provides business-enabling flexibility and helps IT simplify and consolidate their infrastructure.

Performance optimized
Designed to leverage next-gen innovations such as end-to-end NVMe (both FC and Ethernet) and dual-port Intel Optane solid state drives (SSDs) as Storage Class Memory (SCM), PowerStore delivers up to 7x more IOPs3 and 3x lower latency4 for real-world workloads compared to our previous storage generation, giving you all the headroom you need to ensure long-term value through multiple solution lifecycles.

Tech Specs

Node Pairs

Number of Node Pairs1 to 8
Node Pair Module3U
CPUPowerMax 8000
- Memory Config 1-3Intel Xeon Gold 6254 3.9 GHz, 18 core
- Memory Config 4Intel Xeon Gold 8280L
Core Number per CPU/Per Node Pair/Per SystemMemcfg 1-3: 18/72/576
Memcfg 4: 20/80/6084,5
Dynamic FabricInfiniBand Dual Redundant Fabric: 100 Gbps/port


Cache-System Min (Raw)1792GB
Cache-System Max (Raw)45.056TB4
Cache-Per Node Pair Options1.792TB, 3.584TB, 7.680TB


Vault Implementation4 NVMe SED Flash Module/Node Pair

Front End I/O Modules

Max. Front-End I/O Modules/Node Pair8
Front-End I/O Modules and ProtocolsSupported
- 4 x 32Gbs (FC, NVMe/FC, FICON, SRDF)Yes
- 4 x 25GbE (iSCSI, SRDF, NVMe/TCP)Yes
- 4 x 10GbE (iSCSI, SRDF, NVMe/TCP)Yes
- 1 x zHyperlink Port (MF, zHyperlink)Yes

Poweramx File Modules

Max File I/O Modules/Software Nodes4
File I/O Modules SupportedSupported
- 10 GbE: 4 x 10GbE FileYes
- 25 GbE: 4 x 25GbE FileYes

Capacity , Drives

Max Capacity per Array (Open)1,718 PiBe / 20 PBe
Base Capacity (Open)30.72TBu
Max Capacity per Array (Mainframe)7, 89.8 PiBe / 10.7PBe
Base Capacity (Mainframe)15.36TBu
Incremental Flash Capacity Upgrades3.84TB, 7.68TB, 15.36TB3
Maximum Drives per Array384
Maximum Drives per System Bay192/384
Minimum Drive Count per System10

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