Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P5810X Series (400GB, 2.5in PCIe x4, 3D XPoint™)

Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P5810X Series (400GB, 2.5in PCIe x4, 3D XPoint™)

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Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P5810X Series (400GB, 2.5in PCIe x4, 3D XPoint™)

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• PCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe interface.
• 2.5' 15mm form factor.
• 400 GB storage capacity.



The next-generation Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X provides the performance needed to support your most data-intensive workloads.

Legacy storage systems are struggling to keep pace with the compute and network technologies emerging to handle today’s data-intensive workloads. Instead, the storage media become a bottleneck that inhibits IT innovation and bridles business growth.

Legacy Storage Technologies Can’t Close the Gap

Historically, DRAM and NAND acted as the performance buffer between compute and capacity storage, but they both leave an ever-widening gap for the modern, scaledout data center. DRAM is far too expensive to scale, and density will fall further behind relative to the CPU core growth rate. And NAND has sufficient capacity and cost to scale, but the performance that allows it to function as an efficient storage tier will continue to decrease with each subsequent generation.

The Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X Series fills the critical storage performance gap, making these SSDs ideal for fast caching or tiering of hot data.

Introducing the World’s Fastest Data Center SSD

Even fast NAND SSDs are no longer adequate for data-driven applications that need to access and process data in real time or as a buffer to fast Ethernet (NIC) connections. With an industry-leading combination of low latency, high quality of service (QoS), fast throughput and high endurance Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X accelerates access to large and complex data sets needed by enterprises and cloud service providers to run their high-demand workloads. Critically, unlike other SSD technology, Intel® Optane™ SSDs can read and write simultaneously without performance degradation.


Unrivaled Random Read Low Latency

The low-latency Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X Series delivers near-nanosecond response times under any workload, maintaining consistent read response times, regardless of the write throughput. Average read response times remain 5μs, while maintaining a 70/30 mixed read/write bandwidth of greater than 8GB/sec.

Why It Matters

Near-nanosecond latency means improved application response time. With its bidirectional capability, Intel® Optane™ SSD P5800X’s low latency remains consistent until you reach saturation and is improved even more by being able to read smaller 512B data chunks. For industries like financial services, this means the ability to speed time to insight for fraud detection, analytics, compliance, market modeling and securities market transactions.

Consistent, Predictable Quality of Service (QoS)

In an environment of fast-growing data and demanding customer requirements, data centers need predictable application performance.

Tech Specs

Tech specs


Capacity400 GB
Launch DateQ4 2022
Use ConditionsAutomotive, Server/Enterprise, Workstation

Performance Specifications

Random Latency - Read (TYP)5µs
Random Latency - Write (TYP)5µs
Sequential Bandwidth - 100% Read (up to)7200 MB/s
Sequential Bandwidth - 100% Write (up to)6000 MB/s
Random Read (100% Span)1500000 IOPS (4K Blocks)
Random Write (100% Span)1380000 IOPS (4K Blocks)
Latency - Read5µs
Latency - Write5µs
Power - Active24W
Power - Idle3.8W


Vibration - Operating2.17 Grms, (5-700 Hz), random
Vibration - Non-Operating3.13 Grms (5-800 Hz), random
Shock (Operating and Non-Operating)1,000 G, 0.5 ms, half sine
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 70°C
Operating Temperature (Maximum)70 °C
Operating Temperature (Minimum)0 °C
Endurance Rating (Lifetime Writes)100 DWPD
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)2 million hours
Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER)< 1 sector per 10^17 bits
Warranty Period5 yrs

Package Specifications

ComponentsIntel(R) Optane(TM) Memory Media
Form Factor2.5' 15mm
InterfacePCIe 4.0 x4, NVMe

Advanced Technologies

Enhanced Power Loss Data ProtectionYes
Hardware EncryptionAES 256 bit
High Endurance Technology (HET)Yes
Temperature Monitoring and LoggingYes
End-to-End Data ProtectionYes

Intel® Optane™ DC SSD Series


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